HKN Governance
Effective 1 September 2010, Eta Kappa Nu became a part of IEEE, the world's largest technical professional association. The organization, now called IEEE-HKN, follows the governing guidelines of IEEE and the IEEE-HKN Operational Procedures. The Operations Manual provides direction for the day to day operations of the association. Eta Kappa Nu's governing body is its Board of Governors. The Board of Governors determines policy, with the approval of the IEEE Educational Activities Board of IEEE, provides oversight, and acts in an advisory capacity to college chapters. Subsidiary document(s) to the Operations Manual is in draft stage and will be the organization's Process Manual. If you have feedback on the process to share with us, contact us at

For those who would like to view a listing of the HKN Board of Governors (pre-merger), and the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors (post-merger) from inception to present, click here.


2014 IEEE-HKN Board of Governors
John A. Orr
John A. Orr
Evelyn Hirt
Stephen M. Goodnick
Past President
David Jiles
Governor -
West Central Region
S.K. Ramesh
Treasurer and Governor-
West Region
S.K. Ramesh
Timothy Kurzeg
Governor - At-Large
Governor - Regions 1 & 2
Kenneth R. Laker
Mark E. Law
Governor - East Central Region
Mark E. Law
Governor - Regions 7-10
Mo El-Hawary
Catherine Slater
Governor - At - Large
IEEE Member & Geographic Activities Governor
Catherine Slater
Governor - At - Large
Nina Patel
Student Representative
Kyle Lady
Nancy M. Ostin
Nancy M. Ostin

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