HKN Governance - Election 2013

Announcement of IEEE-Eta Kappa Nu 2013 Elections

Per the governing documents of IEEE-HKN, IEEE-Educational Activities and IEEE, the following individuals have been successfully elected by the chapter membership of IEEE-HKN, confirmed by the Tellers Committee, endorsed by the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors and approved by the IEEE-EAB:

For the positions of President and Vice-President for the term 1 January 2013 through 31 December 2013, the elected officials are:

John Orr
John Orr
Evelyn Hirt
Evelyn Hirt
Vice President

For the positions of Governor-at-Large and Governor-at-Large, West Central Region for the term 1 January 2013 through 31 December 2015, the elected officials are:

Timothy Kurzeg
Timothy Kurzeg
David Jiles
David Jiles
Governor-at-Large-West Central Region

For biographies on our new members of the IEEE-HKN Board of Governors, please visit our website:

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